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Hi Sandra,  I love your photography:)you have great technique, and are very talented. I recently purchased one of your newborn videos, and it was very helpful! I am a children's photographer, but newborns are hard!  Also, I am a self taught photographer, so I look for helpful videos and yours are the best.  - Britney Robertson, 

Hey Sandra!  So I purchased the "Flow Posing" video today and just watched it! First of all, you are AMAZING! I can't believe how many poses you got in there! And also, that chin on hands pose? WOW! - Karen Cooper,

I've been photographing newborns for a while but want to specialize in newborns now. However, I have had a problem transitioning pose to pose, so while I feel I get cute poses sometimes, I feel like I never get *enough* poses. Watching this video was extremely helpful to me. I was amazed at how well the baby slept throughout the video and only got really fussy toward the end. Since I have only tried the techniques once (today), it is hard for me to say if it was just a very sleepy baby or if it was the video, but I truly believe it was the video. As many newborns as I have photographed, I have never had one sleep that soundly. I really think it was the way in which Sandra teaches us to switch from pose to pose. Before watching this video, I just sort of winged it. I'd always start the baby off on their side or back and then try whatever pose came to mind next. This really is the wrong way to do it, and there certainly is a better method. Sandra teaches us this. So grateful to Sandra that I do not have to spend $1,000 on a workshop that I would forget. I have access to this video for one year, and the techniques learned are invaluable! - Lauren Bedell,

I love the way you teach it's very clear and informative and it's very hard to find things for the more advanced photographer that is wanting to learn about setting up poses etc; and not knowing how to manoeuvre them well.  - Nada Lovric,

I absolutely loved watching the videos made by Sandra. I am a very hands on person and learn from seeing thing visually so this is the perfect way for me to master the newborn posing!  I love that I can go back to them anytime for a year and review them as well!  I did not have to travel to a workshop and pay an insane amount of money to learn which I think is fabulous!  Thank you Sandra for making these videos! They are extremely helpful! I look forward to watching more of them in the future! - Natasha Tessier,

Last week I photographed ten-day baby and thanks to you it was really good.  Thank you very much, the video is absolutely amazing!  - Sona Komárková,


This workshop was more than wonderful!  I looked and looked for a few things: First, a workshop that I close to home, Second, I wanted to be able to ask questions during the session or if I needed to see the different parts of the pose and I wanted someone who I could go to if I practiced and still did not “get it.”  This workshop had everything I wanted and more.  Sandra made the workshop custom to what we wanted.  If we wanted to see baskets or wraps or with parents and asked us what we wanted to learn.  This was a real baby and in real time. I was actually happy that the baby was not happy the whole time which made it a real experience.  We asked specific questions.  We were get involved in the workshop by asking questions but also being able to watch a REAL session.  She guided us through the poses giving us tips and pointers.  In one pose she created 4-5 different looks.  She didn’t waste time when the baby was eating and she was jumping to the next set showing us how to put the pillows, walked us through the set and set-up, talked about baby safety and the importance of your job as the photographer.  After the workshop we were able to talk about the business side of things.  She actually showed us a full gallery and what she shows clients.  She was an open book.  If you are contemplating the workshop it is worth it and more.  The forum is wonderful and the ladies are so helpful.  The flow posing inspiration video is great to watch as a reminder right before you go to a session.  Look no further this workshop does it all in the comfort of your home.  This isn’t just a start and stop video this is an experience like no other.  – Stacie Hart,, Facebook

Just finished the Online Newborn workshop – it was amazing! The tips that Sandra provided were priceless. Her techniques, posing ideas, design sets were classic. I would HIGHLY recommend taking the online newborn workshop, it is worth every penny! Excited to try it all on the newborn baby girl coming into our studio tomorrow. Thanks Sandra! Jaime Pollock,,

I am SO glad that i signed up for your workshop!!!! I have learned so much. You are amazing, not only at what you do but you’re a wonderful teacher as well. Thank you so much for an awesome educational experience! I debated on which newborn workshop to take and i couldn’t be happier that i chose yours.  Thank you! – Teresa Davis Sandra’s online workshop is fantastic. She’s so comfortable with her newborn posing skills that she can both explain what she’s doing as she does it as well as answer questions as she moves through her session.  She’s generous with her time and her focus. She really has mastered the skill of newborn posing and is an excellent teacher! – Janet Bailey – ,

I have waited a long time to find a workshop that was both informative and an affordable alternative to an in person mentoring workshop. I came across Sandra’s work, and immediately bought her “Flow Posing Workflow” video.  It was a HUGE help to my own workflow. I then went on to do a full online workshop and I am so glad I did!! I was taking up to much time during my newborn shoots trying to figure out how the pro’s got all the right poses and how they accomplished so many great shots. Sandra shared all of her tips and tricks that she has taught herself and happily stopped to answer any questions that were asked.  It didn’t stop there though, Sandra went on to talk about soothing techniques and basically any questions that were thrown out there!! It was a fun learning environment and I would highly recommend taking it!  Whether you are just starting out or advanced in your newborn posing and techniques, I promise you Sandra will show you how to get every single pose that you have ever wanted, and in a timely manner. – Nicola Lane Photography, Raleigh Newborn Photographer, facebook/nicolalanephotography

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